Beer Garden Roscoe Village Chicago

Beer Garden Roscoe Village Chicago

For individuals who are winter-weary and ready to trade-in their cold-weather gear for shorts and flipflops, or looking to check out a neighborhood beer garden after a long day at the office or working in the yard, Cody’s Public House should be your ultimate destination. When it comes to outdoor bars with patios, Cody’s has the competition beat hands down. Patrons stop by in the
evenings when they are taking their dogs for their nightly constitutional. That is right, we welcome your four-legged fur friends too! In fact, we even have a “Dog of the Month” photo featured on social media and posted on our wall. If your dog is selected as “Dog of the Month,” you will get a FREE Cody’s bandana for your four-legged buddy! So, it is no wonder that whenever Roscoe Village residents are searching for that perfect end to a lovely evening before turning in, they head on into the beer garden at Cody’s Public House to enjoy a couple of cool mugs with the rest of our patrons.

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Roscoe Village is a historic village in Chicago, with over 17,000 residents. Cody’s Public House is located less than one mile southeast of Roscoe Village at: 1658 West Barry Avenue. Roscoe
Village boasts great cafes, upscale boutiques, and classic bars with patios like Cody’s beer garden. We have always been renowned for being people friendly, but we are also one of the
friendliest outdoor bars for the dogs of Roscoe Village too! With the warmer days ahead, Roscoe Villagers are going to want to have a great destination like Cody’s beer garden. A place
where they can quench their thirst and cool off at the end of a long day or after a workout in the gym! Whatever the occasion, or even if there is no occasion, we will welcome all visitors to our beer garden with open arms. Check out some great brews from our 16 beers on draft, our great cocktails, or even shots and bombs.

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If you are anxious to return to the newly renovated and welcoming atmosphere of Cody’s, you will be pleased to see all the restored and updated amenities. If you thought Cody’s was
impressive before, you are really going to like how we have reinvented it. We are open for business seven days a week. Hours are as follows: 4 PM – 2 AM, Monday – Friday, 11 AM – 3 AM, Saturday, and 11 AM – 2 AM, Sunday. For more information or to reserve a room for a private party, call Cody’s Public House at (773) 528-4050 today.

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